Exploring "Counter Culture"

If you’ve been looking at options for counter tops, I’m sure your head is spinning. There are so many options…and I love all of them! They all have different pros and cons. Let’s explore.

Some of the “new” eco-friendly materials are gaining popularity. There are recycled glass, bamboo and recycled paper composites in this category.




Recycled glass is durable, easy to clean & heat/stain resistant. However, it can chip or break



Paper composite is durable, but can be scratched or stained


Bamboo is easy to clean after you seal it (needs to be redone periodically) and can be scratched or burned.

Natural Stone is the most popular choice.
This includes granite, limestone and marble.

In the pros: Natural stone is durable and does not go out of style, plus it is heat resistant.

On the down side: It is porous, and thus needs to be sealed and requires maintenance. Marble & limestone can chip or crack.



Solid Surface counters look like stone or can resemble glass & concrete.
• They are easy to clean, don’t fade and are heat resistant.
• They are not scratch-proof and can be cut/scratched.



Quartz or cultured stone come in a variety of colors & textures.
It stands up to heat and scratches while easy to clean.
It doesn’t have the natural look of real stone, but costs just as much.

One of my favorites is Concrete. Very durable and looks great combined with wood.
Concrete is heat resistant, but must be sealed regularly. It is very heavy, but looks awesome.

Of course there are the usual surfaces, such as laminate, that now come in some amazing finishes. This is not your parent’s laminate!

Whatever you choose, it will upgrade your kitchen instantly! Let us know what you are looking for, and we can make it happen!

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