Spring Into Action!

It’s spring! A time for lightness and sunshine. So, let’s get ready. Here are some of the things Ms. Fixit can do for you to:

Reseal exterior decks/fences/woodwork. This should be done every year. We can power wash too, if needed.

Painter working at the top of an extension ladder on a two story suburban home.

Paint the exterior. Maybe it’s time to shake it up with a new door color? Lots of options out there.

Check out your walkways, stoops and patios. Our hardscaping division can repair or redo anything that’s needed.

Make sure your screen doors and windows are whole. We can fix tears and holes, or replace the screens. You definitely want to be able to open your windows and doors!

It’s, also, time to replace your filters. This needs to be done each season to make sure it’s running at optimum levels.
And, let’s not forget your garden! We can build raised beds for your planting or repair existing ones so they are fresh for spring.

Inside, let’s fix those nail pops, cracked tiles, and dripping faucets. All these little things are so easy to fix.

Email [email protected] to set up your Spring Spruce Up!