Calling All Kids and Fathers:
Mother’s Day is Coming!

What kind of mother is your mom? One with a house full of toddlers or babies claiming all the attention and laundry skills? A mom with schedules out the wazoo that post-it notes single handedly keep things in check. An empty nester mom that is missing her kids like crazy and trying to find her next chapter. Or perhaps the hardest, the mom taking care of her parents. These are all the chapters of motherhood.

What is the common factor tying them all together? Lack of time.

So, my advice to all of you looking for something to get your moms, or as a mom get yourself…we have Ms. Fixit Gift Certificates so you can give the gift of time! Add a candle & a bottle of wine…and you’ve got one happy mom!

Head to to buy some time for Mom, or email Chrysten at [email protected] to make a consultation appointment.